About Post Your Talent

The Original Class All-Star Games (established in 2005)
MISSION: To honor and recognize TOP ATHLETES, regardless of class or school status.

IN 2005, retired college/high school coach Mike Walker had a desire to honor Indiana high school top players, regardless of their class. Having coached at many small schools, he knew that there were top players, talented players, in those small schools as well as the large schools. So he launched the first-ever All-Class games in Indiana and eventually Florida. Post Your T's first games were held at the famous Anderson Wig Wam in Anderson, IN. 1A vs 1A, 2A vs 2A, 3A vs 3A, and 4A vs 4A. It was exciting and fun.

The next games produced by Post Your T, under the direction of Coach Walker were soccer. Coach Walker had coached college level soccer in Florida and thought that it was overlooked a little in Indiana. As the years passed Post Your T added golf, baseball, softball, and volleyball.

During the school year 2015-16, Post Your T produced The Don Shondell All-Star Volleyball games held at Munciana in Yorktown, IN. Coach Don Shondell was Coach Walker's college professor in the 1960's at Ball State University.

All Post Your T participants must be nominated by their head coaches who are asked to nominate their top players. Post Your Talent Games are NOT invitational games where any player can be "invited". This is what makes Post Your T Games unique.

To honor and recognize TOP PLAYERS in the state, regardless of class and school staus...BIG or small.

Q: How are players selected?
A: By the PYT Committee

Q: How are players nominated?
A: By their coaches

Q: What is the $100 sponsorship for?
A: To cover the costs of running the games (referees, gym rental, insurance, t-shirts, etc)

Q: What do players take away from the games?
A: Game Certificate, game jersey, game patch and the pride of competing.