Don Shondell All-Star Volleyball Games©


2020 Games

Date: Saturday, November 21st, 2020
Game Times: 10:00 a.m., 12:00 noon and 2:00 p.m.
Admission: Adults $5.00; Kids K-12 $5.00 (good for all Don Shondell All-Star Volleyball Games©)
Location: Wes-Del Elementary School; 500 E Jackson St, Gaston, IN 47342 (see map below).
Director: Coach Mike Walker – (765) 635-6360 (cell).
– The Don Shondell All-Star games are not a tournament.
– All-Stars will receive a commemorative game jersey and are asked to wear black game shorts.
– Fans are requested to wear masks.

*Players should be at the gym 30 minutes before their game to report in and pick up their game jersey.*

Don’t forget…
BLACK shorts!


Coach Don Shondell and Coach Mike Walker

The Shondells. John Shondell, Assistant Head Coach at Purdue, Don Shondell, Dave Shondell, Head Coach at Purdue, Steve Shondell, Head Coach at Burris High School.

Don Shondell (middle). Long-time men’s volleyball coach at Ball State University, poses with four of the eight winners of the Don Shondell Mental Attitude Award at the PostYourT East/West All-Star Volleyball Games held at Munciana in Yorktown Saturday, Nov. 26. In the photo, left to right, are Helaina Walters from Eastbrook, Payton Morris from Indianapolis Bishop Chatard, Shondell, Keila Bennett from North Harrison, and Shayln McCorkle from Tri-Central. Photo by David Risley / C-T photo

2020 Team Rosters

GIRL’S VOLLEYBALL GAME #1 – 10:00 a.m.

Amarah McPhaul, Wes-Del – OH/MH
Jennah Love, Wes-Del – Setter
Daya Greene, Madison-Grant – DS/Lib.
Lexi Baney, Madison-Grant – MH
Jade Stumbo, Wabash – O
Jordan Stumbo, Wabash – OH
Grace Holmberg, Madison-Grant – DS/OH
Faryn Morris, Wabash – OH/BR
Ally Shondell, McCutcheon – Setter
Chloe Chicoine, McCutcheon – OH
Lauren Watson, McCutcheon – RS/OH
Ava Hall, E’vlle Christian – OH
Berkley Hall, E’vlle Christian – Setter
Juliette Tomamichel, Greencastle – MH
Jocabed Barron, Harrison – OS/RS
Hannah Hayes, Switzerland – Blk
Carlie Sealscott, S. Adams – OH/DS
Claire Castor, Guerin – RS/Setter
Sienna Foster, Benton Central – OH/DS

GIRL’S VOLLEYBALL GAME #2 – 12:00 noon

Avery Townsend, Wes-Del – Setter
Kearsten Perdue, BRV – OH
Ashlynn Cruz, Wabash – Libero
Mariah Wyatt, Wabash – MH/M
Lauren Nixon, Burris – Setter
Paige Powers, Burris – MB/OP
Azmae Turner, Madison-Grant – MH
Ella Mauck, Wes-Del – MH
Katie Garringer, Madison-Grant – OH
Chloe Preocanin, Madison – OH
Mya Ayro, Greenwood – OH
Melia Gorrell, Greenwood – DS/S
Diana Cox, Noblesville – Libero
Amanda Allen, Wawasee – Setter
Leslie Vazquez, Wawasee – MB/OH
Dylan Konieczny, Wawasee – OH
Morgan Schabel, Cardinal Ritter – DS/OH
Sierra Schnitz, Argos – M/RS
Rachel Stearns, S. Knox – Libero
Gabby Wheihe, Noblesville – MH
Aerie Acuff, Springs Valley – Setter

VOLLEYBALL GAME #3 – 2:00 p.m.

Abby Kesler, Burris – M
Ellie Halbert, Burris – OH/RS
Claire Price, Wes-Del – MH/OH
Cassy Wilson, Wes-Del, Libero
Mallory Cross, BRV – OH/DS
Angelina Grasse, BRV – Setter
Jaleigh Crawford, Elwood – MH
Lauren Hughes, Elwood – Libero
Abby Thornburgh, BRV – Libero
Lexi Whitinger, BRV – OH
Jascey Harrington, Cowan – S/OPP
Ava Floyd, E’vlle Christian – MH
McKenna Whelan, E’vlle Christian – OH
Emma Clark, Cowan – Setter
Amanda Quilhot, Traders Pt. – O/DS
Addy Frye, Traders Pt. – OH
Jenna Armstrong, Greenwood – DS/OH
Brooklyn Bell, Greenwood – MH/OP
Josie Kissel, River Forest – RS
Mickayla Herrera, River Forest – Libero
Ashley Koditek, Calumet Christian – MH
Raegan Burns, McCutcheon – Libero

Match Recaps

The 10th Annual PostYourT Don Shondell All-Star Volleyball Games were held on Saturday November 21, 2020 at Wes-Del Elementary School in Gaston, Indiana. There were three girls matches. Each match had three sets, first team to 30 points winning that set. The team having the most total points after the three sets were played was declared the winner of the match.

Generally, there were eight to ten players on each team, so all the girls got a lot of playing time.

Muncie Burris Head Coach Steve Shondell, the public address announcer and son of Don Shondell, did an excellent job of describing what was happening on the court during each match.

Rosters and results for each of the matches are below.

Match 1 at 10 a.m.

East 30-20, West 30-29, East 30-25; Total: East 89, West 75

In the first set, the East broke away from a 15-all tie to outscore the West 15-5 and take the first set 30-20. The West jumped out to a 7-2 lead in the second set, but the East fought back and eventually tied it at 12-all. It was nip-and-tuck the rest of the way. With set point going either way, the East served the ball into the net to hand the West a 30-29 win. The third set was tied as late as 21-21. But the East scored nine of the final 13 points to take set three 30-25 and the match 89-75.

East Roster: Daya Greene, Lexi Baney, and Grace Holmberg from Madison-Grant; Jade Stumbo, Jordan Stumbo, and Faryn Morris from Wabash; and Amarah McPhaul and Jennah Love from Wes-Del. Coach: Kayla Jump from Madison-Grant.

West Roster: Ally Shondell and Lauren Watson from McCutcheon; Ava Hall and Berkley Hall from Evansville Christian; Juliette Tomamichel from Greencastle; Jocabed Barron from Harrison (West Lafayette); Hannah Hayes from Switzerland County; Carlie Sealscott from South Adams; and Sienna Foster from Benton Central. Coach: Kylie Parton Johnson from Munciana.

Match 2 at noon

West 30-25, East 30-21, West 30-27; Total: East 82, West 81

It couldn’t get much closer that this match. The first set was tied as late as 23-23. But the West rattled off seven of the final ten points to win set one 30-25. The East rolled out to a 6-1 advantage in the second set, but the West fought back to pull to within one point three times, the final time at 14-13. The East gradually pulled away from there to take set two 30-21. The third set was close early-on. The West grabbed the lead for good at 9-8 and eventually built its advantage to as high as 21-12. But the East refused to fold (a good thing for it) and eventually pulled to within one point at 26-25.The West scored four of the final six points to win set three 30-27. Although the West won two of three sets, the ground rules for these games stated the winner would be determined by total points over the three sets. So the East edged the West by the slimmest of margins, 82-81.

East Roster: Ashlynn Cruz and Mariah Wyatt from Wabash; Avery Townsend and Ella Mauck from Wes-Del; Lauren Nixon and Paige Powers from Muncie Burris; Kearsten Perdue from Blue River Valley; Katie Garringer from Madison-Grant; and Chloe Preocanin from Madison. Coach: Keri Howell from Muncie Burris.

West Roster: Amanda Allen, Leslie Vazquez, and Dylan Konieczny from Wawasee; Mya Ayro and Melia Gorrell from Greenwood; Diana Cox and Gabby Wheihe from Noblesville; Morgan Schabel from Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter; and Sierra Schnitz from Argos. Coach: Carey Ames Fisher from Muncie Burris.

Match 3 at 2 p.m.

East 30-20, East 30-29, West 30-21; Total: East 81, West 79

This was almost as close as the previous match. The East stormed out to leads of 6-0 and 11-2 in the first set and never was headed. The West eventually battled back to within six points several times, the final time at 26-20 before the East tallied the final four points to win set one 30-20.
The West got off to a much better start in the second set, as it was close throughout. In fact, this set was tied 11 times and the largest advantage either team had was four points. Tied at 29-29, the East’s Abby Kesler recorded a kill to give her team set two 30-29. Down 60-49 after two sets, the West needed to have a dominating performance in the third set to prevail in the match, and it almost got it. The third set was tied six different times, the final one at 13-13. The West grabbed the lead but couldn’t shake off the East and was ahead just 21-19. But the West outscored the East 9-2 down the stretch to take set three 30-21. The East won two of the three sets, but prevailed by only two points over the West in the match, 81-79.

East Roster: Mallory Cross, Angelina Grasse, Abby Thornburgh, and Lexi Whitinger from Blue River Valley; Abby Kesler and Ellie Halbert from Muncie Burris; and Jaleigh Crawford and Lauren Hughes from Elwood. Coach: Sonja Thornburgh from Blue River Valley.

West Roster: Amanda Quilhot and Addy Frye from Traders Point Christian; Josie Kissel and Mickayla Herrera from River Forest; McKenna Whelan from Evansville Christian; Jenna Armstrong from Greenwood; Ashley Koditek from Calumet Christian; Raegan Burns from McCutcheon; and Jascey Harrington from Cowan. Coach: Eric Stout from Muncie Burris.

Because of COVID-19 protocol and contact tracing, the Blue River Valley varsity volleyball team, favored to win Class A Sectional 56, saw its season end prematurely in the sectional semifinals. Four of these Viking players, all seniors, and their coach competed in Match 3 for the winning East team and had the comments stated below. “I had a lot of fun playing with our four seniors,” Angelia Grasse said. “Playing sets to 30 gave us more playing time together, but I did get a little tired.” “I enjoyed playing volleyball again with our other seniors,” Abby Thornburgh noted. “It was disappointing that COVID knocked us out of the sectional, so it was great getting a win here today.” ‘Anytime I get a chance to play volleyball, I’ll take it,” Lexi Whitinger indicated. “I love the sport, was happy to play with our seniors again, and we got a win.” It was fun playing with our seniors and other talented girls from around the state,” Mallory Cross remarked. “We got along great, communicated well, and got the win.” “We ended the season with a victory.” Coach Sonja Thornburgh said after the match. “The Don Shondell All-Star Games are a great way to end the season, especially for the seniors. All of these players are great young ladies and worked together for the win with no practice time together.”

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