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2018 Results

The 8th Annual PostYourT Don Shondell All-Star Volleyball Games were held on Saturday November 24, 2018 at the Munciana Volleyball complex in Yorktown, Indiana. There were four girls matches. Each match had three sets, first team to 25 points winning that set. The team having the most total points after the three sets were played was declared the winner of the match. PostYourT gave the Don Shondell Mental Attitude Award after each match to a player from each team.
Match 1 at 10 a.m. East 25-12, East 25-17, East 25-19; Total: East 75, West 48
Both teams played hard but the East swept all three matches. Receiving the Don Shondell Award were Taya Haffner of Carroll (Fort Wayne) from the East and Alaina Omonode of West Lafayette from the West.

East Roster
Hanah Bertram, Karlee Madinger, and Mary Leahigh from Jennings County; Hannah Dull and Isabella Bailey from South Adams; Zoe Franz and Lily Sumner from Park Tudor; and Taya Haffner from Carroll (Fort Wayne)..

West Roster
Alex Dexter, Jenna Chesterman, and Alaina Omonode from West Lafayette; Olivia Swanson, Shaye Tolch, and Logan Forrester from New Prairie; Kyndel Buchanan from Harrison (West Lafayette); and Lexi Wade from South Central (Union Mills).

Match 2 at 10 a.m. East 25-19, West 25-22, East 25-22; Total: East 72, West 66
This was the tightest match of the day. The East won the first and third sets and the West took the second one. The East ended up winning the match by six points. Receiving the Don Shondell Award were Emily Booker of Elwood from the East and Kaelyn Armstrong of New Palestine from the West.

East Roster
Taylor Creed and Emily Cordray from New Haven; Jaleigh Crawford and Emily Booker from Elwood; Erin Lee from Austin; Ally Reese from Madison; Katie Chin from Woodlan; Carli Morris from Hagerstown; and Addy Frye from Traders Point Christian.

West Roster
Kaya Daub and Mackenzie Stoltz from Cloverdale; Sarina Belden and Abby Duncan from Lanesville; Anna Altstadt from Southridge; Courtney Rodkey from Rossville; Hannah Dickerson from Glenn; Balee Parsons from Tri-Central; and Kaelyn Armstrong from New Palestine..

Match 3 at noon East 25-19, East 25-18, East 25-20; Total: East 75, West 57
The East continued winning on the day as it swept three sets from the West in this match. Receiving the Don Shondell Award were Mikayla Kelly of Homestead from the East and Akia Terrell of Traders Point Christian from the West.

East Roster
Rylee Hershberger and Brylie Libey from Bremen; Autumn Ridener and Mayci Furnish from Austin; Mikayla Kelly from Homestead; Maggie Miller from Bluffton; Chassy Gallmeier from Churubusco; and Molly Jones from Wawasee.

West Roster
Payton Tibbot and Akia Terrell from Traders Point Christian; Erika Lee and Ashlynn Satterwhite from Austin; Ellie Michiaels from New Prairie; Karma Warren from Jennings County; Sabrina Carson from North Knox; Keely Davis from Terre Haute North; and Taylor Williams from Pike. .

Match 4 at noon East 25-10, West 25-24, East 25-15; Total: East 74, West 50
Like Match 2, this match involved wins by the East in the first and third sets sandwiched around a narrow win by the West in the second set. Receiving the Don Shondell Award were Ally Hickey of Penn from the East and Olivia Baird of Lanesville from the West.

East Roster
Allie McClure, Mayce McClure, and Carley Camp from Logansport; Ally Hickey, Emma Hickey, and Molly Pooler from Penn; Macy Hoeing and Kendra Hamilton from Rushville; Rachel Campbell of Southport; and Gabriell Thomas from Borden..

West Roster
Mackenzie Miller, Olivia Baird, and Sarina Belden from Lanesville; Maddie Grimes and Michaela Whitaker from Elkhart Central; Ava Doster and Aliza Bowers from New Haven; and Briah Strezo from Griffith.

2018 Team Rosters


East Team – Red
Hannah Dull, S. Adams – Libero/DS
Isabella Bailey, S. Adams – DS/Setter
Hanah Bertram, Jennings County – Libero
Karlee Madinger, Jennings County – Setter
Mary Leahigh, Jennings County – M/O
Taya Haffner, FW Carroll – Setter
Jordan Martin, FW Carroll – OH/PH
Zoe Franz, Park Tudor – Setter
Lily Sumner, Park Tudor – OH/MH
West Team – Blue
Lexi Wade, S. Central Union Mills – OH/All
Kambree Lucas, Northview – OH
Alex Dexter, W. Lafayette – Setter
Jenna Chesterman, W. Lafayette – Libero/D
Alaina Omonode, W. Lafayette – MH/RB
Kyndel Buchanan, Lafayette Harrison – MH
Olivia Swanson, New Prairie – MH/OPP
Shaye Tolch, New Prairie – Setter
Logan Forrester, New Prairie – OPP



East Team – Red
Erin Lee, Austin – OH/LB
Ally Reese, Madison – DS
Taylor Creed, New Haven – Setter
Emily Cordray, New Haven – OH/DS
Jaleigh Crawford, Elwood – MH/DS
Emily Booker, Elwood – OH/D
Katie Chin, Woodlan – Libero
Carli Morris, Hagerstown – Libero
Addy Frye, Traders Point – ROH/DS
West Team – Blue
Anna Altstadt, Southridge – MB/OH
Kaya Daub, Cloverdale – S/DS
Mackenzie Stoltz, Cloverdale – OH
Courtney Rodkey, Rossville – S/OH
Sarina Belden, Lanesville – Setter
Abby Duncan, Lanesville – Libero/DS
Hannah Dickerson, Glenn – Setter
Balee Parsons, Tri-Central – Libero
Kaelyn Armstrong, New Pal – OH



East Team – Red
Mikayla Kelly, Homestead – Libero
Maggie Miller, Bluffton – MH
Chassy Gallmeier, Churubusco – DS/OH
Molly Jones, Wawasee – MB/H
Rylee Hershberger, Bremen – Setter/Libero
Brylie Libey, Bremen – OH/OPP
Autumn Ridener, Austin – MH/MB
Mayci Furnish, Austin – B Row
West Team – Blue
Ellie Michiaels, New Prairie – MB
Payton Tibbot, Traders Point – OH
Akia Terrell, Traders Point – Libero/DS
Karma Warren, Jennings County – DS
Sabrina Carson, N. Knox – P
Keely Davis, Terre Haute N. – L/S
Taylor Williams, Pike – OH/DS
Erika Lee, Austin – Setter
Ashlynn Satterwhite, Austin – FBM



East Team – Red
Allie McClure, Logansport – OH/Setter
Mayce McClure, Logansport – Setter/RS
Carley Camp, Logansport – M
Ally Hickey, Penn – Setter/Hitter
Emma Hickey, Penn – Libero
Molly Pooler, Penn – MB/RS
Rachel Campbell, Southport – Libero
Gabriell Thomas, Borden – DS/RS
Macy Hoeing, Rushville – OH
Kendra Hamilton, Rushville – MH/MB
West Team – Blue
Maddie Grimes, Elkhart Central – DS/Libero
Michaela Whitaker, Elkhart Central – RS/Open
Ava Doster, New Haven – Libero
Aliza Bowers, New Haven – M/OH
Mackenzie Miller, Lanesville – RB
Olivia Baird, Laneville – LB
Briah Strevo, Griffith – OH


Date and Location of 2018 Games

Date: Saturday, November 24th, 2018
Game Times: 10:00 AM and 12:00 noon.
Admission: Adults $8.00; Kids K-12 $5.00 (good for all games)
Location: at 200 South 600 West Road; Yorktown, Indiana 47396 (see map below).
Director: Coach Mike Walker – (765) 635-6360 (cell).
All-Stars will receive a commemorative game jersey and are asked to wear black game shorts. Players should be at the gym half hour before game start.

Don’t forget…
BLACK shorts!


“2018 Venue Location”