Indiana Soccer

Date and Location of 2018 Games

Date: Saturday, November 10th, 2018
Game Times: Girls: 10:00am and noon. Boys: 2:00pm and 4:00pm.
Admission: Adults $8.00; Kids K-12 $5.00 (good for all games)
Location: Bethesda Christian High School, 7950 N. County Rd. 650 E, Brownsburg, IN 46112 (see map below)
Director: Coach Mike Walker – (765) 635-6360 (cell)

Fans of soccer are always welcome… bring chairs and snacks to enjoy the game.

*Players should be at the field 30 minutes before their game to pick up their packet and game jersey.*


Don’t forget…
Bring BLACK shorts
PLUS a pair of black
AND white socks!


Game Recaps

Below are the results of the PostYourT East/West All Star Soccer games held on Saturday November 10, 2017, a frigid, but sunny day for soccer.

Girls Game 1: EAST 2, West 1

This game was tightly-fought for the full 80 minutes and the East managed to hold on for the one-goal victory in chilly conditions in the lone morning game of the day.

East team: Allison Bell, Jenna Whitesell, Michaela Lambert, and Chloe Weaver of Delta; Anhely Montes and Allison Jobe of Jay County; Maddy Rubush and Braya Badger of Muncie Burris; Baylee Byford of Jennings County; Sierra Marvin of Yorktown; Kylee Luce of Jeffersonville; and Natalee Bohanon of Wapahani.

West team: Riley Petro and Katelyn Westfall of North Knox; Sidney Campbell and Brynn Anderson of North Montgomery; Jillian Roth and Alaya Cochran of Pike; Kelsie Nichols and Chloe Fortune of Westville; Alyssa Awrey and Maddison Awrey of Indianapolis Lutheran; Charity McFelea of Salem; Bianca Cappello of Andrean; and Abigail Kinkle of Cascade.

Girls Game 2: WEST 9, East 0

The powerful West team scored four goals in the first half and added five more in the second 40 minutes of action to prevail in the second, and final, girls game of the day.

East team: Bailey Ball, Morgan Delmar, and Emma Miller of Milan; Sophie Parker, Alexis Knose, and Rebecca Valdez of Shelbyville; Trynitee Dodd-Norvell and Katlyn Keim of Rushville; Shealy Skaggs and Tori Skaggs of Elkhart Christian; Ashley Wight of Charlestown; Paige Myers of Tri-Central; Lynsey Butler of North Harrison; Natalee Bohanon of Wapahani; and Joy Matthews, who is home-schooled.

West team: Andrea Reeder, Brooklyn Garber, Sammie Garber, Mady Beechy, and Sheris Plemons of Western; Katie Kleckner, Sarah Rowe, Johnni McCarty, and Hope DeMello of Delphi; Kaylin Cook and Janelle Morris of Cascade; and Emily Parrish of Mooresville.

Boys Game 1: WEST 8, East 0

The West scored in the first minute of the first boys game of the day and scored six more times in the opening 40 minutes to grab a 7-0 lead at intermission. The West added another goal in the second half for the 8-0 victory as temperatures began to warm up a little bit.

East team: Morgan Sutton, Patrick Wagner, Trent Linville, Jacob Jines, and Jordan Meyer of Jac-Cen-Del; Logan Pate, Scott Loveless, Brayden Ring, and Skylor Stevenson of New Castle; Ethan Schwipps, Talon Gobel, and Evan Miller of Milan; Chase Beck of Muncie Central; Logan McIntosh of Jennings County; Jaylin Reece of Taylor; and Chase Custer of Rushville.

West team: Ashton Hayden, Daniel Freeland, and Keane Gerlach of Benton Central; Jacob Cannon and Evan Witham of Wheeler; Will Rindone and Logan Wright of Northview; Lucas Noel and Nick Noel of Salem; Kevin Segovia and Arnold Corea-Pinto of Christel House; Marco Morales of Jeffersonville; Dane Richardson of Highland; Jakobi Anderson of Indianapolis Shortridge; Kayden Black of Owen Valley; Dane Spencer of North Putnam; and Mason Kyle of Huntington North.

Boys Game 2: WEST 1, East 1 (West wins 3-2 on PKs)

The second boys game was the final one of the day, and the two teams battled to a scoreless deadlock at halftime. Both teams scored a goal in the second half to finish regulation tied at 1-1 as twilight approached, Since it was the last game of the day, a five-ball shootout was attempted to decide the issue. Each team put two balls into the net of their five opportunities, and it was still tied. The two goalkeepers in the shootout then decided to try to settle things themselves, and the West keeper stopped a shot and then kicked the ball past the East keeper on his attempt, and the West celebrated its victory as darkness closed in.

East team: Easton Heffernan, Jackson Buck, Sofani Buck, Nick Ireland, and Riley Longfellow of Wapahani; Zach Aurilio, Blaine Henretty, and Emmanuel Zarate of Providence; Cameron McConnell, Elmin Ejup, and Hannsel Lopez of South Bend Adams; Caleb Treadway and Mason Pfefferkorn of Northwestern; Marcos Valencia of Scottsburg; Marcus Burgher IV of North Harrison, and Joseph Pacilio of AAU.

West team: Ethan Randel, Gavin Gleason, and Elijah Hudson of Delphi; Dillon Drake, Dylan Dewitt, and Cam Gillum of Wawasee; Colton Crick, Dane Crick, and Gabe Vessely of Greenwood Christian; Mathew Snyder and Zach Zorn of Peru; Hunter Nikoloski and Noah Datillo of Hebron; and Jobe Miller of Madison.


2018 Team Rosters

10:00 a.m.

Allison Bell, Delta – GK/MF
Jenna Whitesell, Delta – CDM/CAM
Michaela Lambert, Delta – CB/CAM
Chloe Weaver, Delta – S/CF
Baylee Byford, Jennings – DC/CO
Anhely Montes, Jay County – CMF/M
Allison Jobe, Jay County – D
Sierra Marvin, Yorktown – F
Maddy Rubush, Muncie Burris – F/MF
Braya Badger, Muncie Burris – DLB
Kylee Luce, Jeffersonville – MF
Natalee Bohanon, Wapahani – D/M

10:00 a.m.

Riley Petro, N. Knox – GK
Katelyn Westfall, N. Knox – MF/F
Sidney Campbell, N. Montgomery – F
Brynn Anderson, N. Montgomery – Sweeper
Charity McFelea, Salem – F
Jillian Roth, Pike – OMF
Alaya Cochran, Pike – D
Bianca Cappello, Andrean – D
Kelsie Nichols, Westville – F/D
Chloe Fortune, Westville – F
Alyssa Awrey, Indy Lutheran – CM
Maddison Awrey, Indy Lutheran – F
Abigail Kinkle, Cascade – S/MF

12:00 noon

Trynitee Dodd-Norvell, Rushville – GK
Katlyn Keim, Rushville – MF
Bailey Ball, Milan – LFB
Morgan Delmar, Milan – MF
Emma Miller, Milan – S/FL
Sophie Parker, Shelbyville – CM/S
Ashley Wight, Charlestown – CD
Paige Myers, Tri-Central – GK/S
Joy Matthews, Homeschool – GK
Lynsey Butler, N. Harrison – OS/MF
Rebecca Valdez, Shelbyville – D
Alexis Knose, Shelbyville – CBD
Shealy Skaggs, Elkhart Christian – CM
Tori Skaggs, Elkhart Christian – LF
Natalee Bohanon, Wapahani – D/M

12:00 noon

Katie Kleckner, Delphi – D/MF
Sarah Rowe, Delphi – MF/D
Johnni McCarty, Delphi – O
Hope DeMello, Delphi – CM
Andrea Reeder, Western – D/MF
Brooklyn Garber, Western – S/MD
Sammie Garber, Western – MF/W
Kaylin Cook, Cascade – LFB/LM
Mady Beechy, Western – GK
Janelle Morris, Cascade – CM/CD
Emily Parrish, Mooresville – DB
Sheris Plemons, Western – CD

2:00 p.m.

Chase Beck, Muncie Central – GK
Dante Torres, Centerville – D
Logan Pate, New Castle – RW
Logan McIntosh, Jennings – MF
Morgan Sutton, Jac-Cen-Del – CMF
Patrick Wagner, Jac-Cen-Del – CAMF
Scott Loveless, New Castle – LM
Brayden Ring, New Castle – CB/OB
Trent Linville, Jac-Cen-Del – MF
Jacob Jines, Jac-Cen-Del – F/M
Jordan Meyer, Jac-Cen-Del – F/LMF
Skylor Stevenson, New Castle – F/S
Ethan Schwipps, Milan – MF
Talon Gobel, Milan – MF/D
Evan Miller, Milan – MF
Jaylin Reece, Taylor – CM/F
Chase Custer, Rushville – GK

2:00 p.m.

Ashton Hayden, Benton Central – GK
Daniel Freeland, Benton Central – W/MF
Keane Gerlach, Benton Central – MF/S
Marco Morales, Jeffersonville – L/RW
Jacob Cannon, Wheeler – S/CM
Evan Witham, Wheeler – CAM/CB
Dane Richardson, Highland – Striker
Jakobi Anderson, Shortridge – RMF
Will Rindone, Northview – DM
Kayden Black, Owen Valley – DM/AM
Dane Spencer, N. Putnam – MF
Logan Wright, Northview – CMF
Mason Kyle, Huntington N. – D/DM
Lucas Noel, Salem – D
Nick Noel, Salem – F
Kevin Segovia, Christel House – F
Arnold Corea-Pinto, Christel House – MF

4:00 p.m.

Zach Aurilio, Providence – GK
Blaine Henretty, Providence – OWBR
Marcos Valencia, Scottsburg – CB/SW
Steven Delatorre, S. B. Adams – CDM
Cameron McConnell, S. B. Adams – D
Elmin Ejup, S. B. Adams – MF
Hannsel Lopez, S. B. Adams – MF
Joseph Pacilio, AAU – A/CM
Marcus Burgher IV, N. Harrison – MF
Emmanuel Zarate, Providence – RM/CM
Easton Heffernan, Wapahani – GK
Caleb Treadway, Northwestern – MF/F
Jackson Buck, Wapahani – MF
Sofani Buck, Wapahani – SW/ST
Nick Ireland, Wapahani – Striker
Mason Pfefferkorn, Northwestern – LWO
Riley Longfellow, Wapahani – DM

4:00 p.m.

Ethan Randel, Delphi – GK
Dillon Drake, Wawasee – GK
Dylan Dewitt, Wawasee – CM
Colton Crick, Greenwood Christian – LDB
Dane Crick, Greenwood Christian – CDB
Gavin Gleason, Delphi – LB/CBD
Elijah Hudson, Delphi – CMF
Mathew Snyder, Peru – D/MF
Zach Zorn, Peru – MF
Gabe Vessely, Greenwood Christian – GK/D
Griffin Huizinga, Greenwood Christian – F
Cam Gillum, Wawasee – CDM
Hunter Nikoloski, Hebron – C/ODB
Noah Dattilo, Hebron – F
Jobe Miller, Madison – D/LB
Josue Mier, Greenwood Christian – MF
Jonathan Amador, Greenwood Christian – FWD